Colors and glitters to counter the winter gloom

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... and make everyday life more festive!

Can you imagine that I didn't make any dresses for 3 months (the fall collection only included tops and skirts)?


I made up for it with these 3 pretty black dresses with beautiful screenprinted designs!


As this is my best seller in the gift category and as I received brand new fabrics, I decided to prepare a new batch of scarves with tassels.


If it's as cold where you live as it is where I live, you'll definitely appreciate these hats! Since I used lots of scraps from older fabrics, they are likely one-of-a-kind pieces...


Inspired by the 70's glam chic, these 3 glittery tops will be perfect for special occasions... but not only!


The very first creations of 2022 are... scarves! With a combination of various printed fabrics that most likely make them unique pieces.


Huge arrival also of colorful snoods, with the cute detail of the striped ribbon, to brighten up a pretty gloomy beginning of year...

All the pieces that are still available can be found in the online shop - worldwide shipping is free!

Now that I have restocked my accessories... I can think about the winter collection ;) see you soon!


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