Four signature pieces

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with a special twist!

Throughout the month of September, I decided to rework some iconic Vivifromage pieces to bring you brand new styles.


First design: the draped bow dress.
First shown in the summer of 2015, this dress was an immediate hit because it's comfy enough to be worn every day and chic enough to be worn on a special occasion.
Available in 2 lengths (midi = below the knee, and maxi = ankle) in a multitude of colors, it is now offered with a matching chiffon layering on the skirt part and straps.
Shown in royal blue - sample immediately available in size S in the online store.


Second design: the adjustable Breton shirt/dress.
Featured in the spring 2019 "Must Have" capsule collection, this striped top was really appreciated because of its versatility: it can be a dress or a top thanks to the ruching ties. Originally available with navy stripes on a white background, it is now offered in navy with white stripes.
Sample immediately available in size S/M in the online store.


Third design: the front pocket dress.
Available since the launching of my brand in 2010 and featured in many collections, the pocket dress summarizes the Vivifromage style: comfort and originality.
I made it in dozens of different fabrics over the last few years - I'd love to make it with several fabrics in a patchwork style... here with Mondrian vibes, which had already inspired an iconic Yves Saint Laurent dress.
Unique piece available immediately in size S/M in the online store.


Last design: the puffy skirt.
While it was offered with a matching top in the "Must Have" capsule collection in spring 2019, it's the puffy skirt that caught your eye.
Originally available in midi length (below the knee) for a classy and retro look, it is now available in mini version for a more actual and edgier style.
Sample immediately available in size S/M in the online store.
Bonus: the lilac and brown halter top, a unique piece upcycled from an older creation!

All the pieces that are still available can be found in the online shop - worldwide shipping is free!
I also hope these variations will inspire many custom orders  ;)


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