January new pieces

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A few words about the new items!

With the exception of the seasonal collections, I rarely have a precise schedule of the creations which I plan to make week after week. It will depend on my inspirations, my fabrics, the patterns I'd like to use. If I could definitely improve my organization, I know for sure that this freedom in my creative choices keeps my love for sewing and garment making intact after many business years.

I thought it could be interesting to share details about my latest pieces on the blog, to explain what inspired me, why I chose these colors, these prints, this style...

So let's start with the pieces I made in January!


I enjoyed mixing/matching colors and prints in these 3 scarves, with a style I used for the first time. It is often easier to wear fun accessories!


If you already know my work, you probably know how much I like the screenprinted tees from Threadless! I used 3 of them to make these lovely dresses, also using printed fabrics. Besides the print, the most interesting part is of course the asymmetric yoke. I wanted to make this style because I had to use this exact pattern a few days before for a custom order... see what I mean when I say that my program may evolve day after day!;)


I wanted to use the same style for sweatshirts, but I found out I had enough fabric to make dresses so once again, I changed my mine! But these pieces can be worn as dresses, or as jumpers if you ride them up a little bit on the hips.

Several items have already been sold, what is still available can be found in the online shop - as always, worldwide delivery is free!


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@wawilak : haha vilaine ! moi je découvre sur le tard les blogs, et la difficulté d'écrire des articles un peu pertinents, ou en tout cas qui apportent quelquechose par rapport aux photos et aux publications brèves des réseaux sociaux... c'est super intéressant mais ça prend beaucoup de temps !
Created On mardi, janvier 30, 2018 Posted By wawilak Comment Link
1h15 pour ça ??
Je plaisante :D

Je sais combien c'est super long d'écrire un semblant de truc sur son blog.
On sait brièvement ce qu'on veut raconter, mais au final ça part un peu en vrille, puis on recommence pour pas passer pour une truffe. Puis au final, t'as l'impression que personne ne te lit et que ton article tu pouvais le laisser tel quel dès le début. Enfin, c'est comme ça que ça se passe chez moi :D

J'adhère aux blogs, je les lirai tous tes articles promis ;)

Tu as encore bien bossé en janvier, comme toujours

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