Oh, the horror!

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Want to know more about my latest creations?

Last november, I introduced thematic selections, starting with "Party Time": 12 classy and elaborate pieces meant to be worn during parties (just in time for the winter holidays! some of them haven't been sold yet and can be found in the homepage)
I like to work with a specific idea in mind. This time, I chose to create 12 horror related pieces (you probably already know that it has always been something I like!)
All of them were made using mens shirts, with scary, fun, and sometimes poetic screenprints. Here's how I reconstructed them:


I wanted a pretty simple design to highlight the beautiful screenprints but at the same time I wanted something feminine and with a retro feel. I ended up with these lovely puff-sleeved tops, including printed fabrics and a cute buttoned tab. 


I kept the contrasting hemband on these 3 dresses, but the style is definitely a bit more rock'n'roll with the fishnet details with holes. They would look great with a leather jacket and flat boots! 


For these hoodies with awesome screenprinted designs, I mismatched printed and plain fabrics. The puff sleeves make them very cute, but I also included sportswear details like the hood ties. You may recognize the "I love zombies" print I've been using for years for my custom dress.


Last but not least, I turned huge shirts (5XL size!) into these sports pants. They're made out of cotton fabric and black matte lycra for the hips inserts so they're really comfy and would be perfect for fitness, yoga, running... or for watching Netflix on your sofa. Who cares?  ;)
Ladies often want to try pants on before buying them so it's not a kind of item I often make - I may have been inspired by my latest subscription box which was related to sports.  ;)

I had much fun altering all these shirts to make new clothes and they really remind me of what I made when I used to sell on eBay 10 years ago (holy cow!) - I hope you'll like them.
Several items have already been sold, what is still available can be found in the online shop - as always, worldwide delivery is free!


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Je te reconnais tellement dans cette série de vêtements !!

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