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The color of the year 2019 has inspired this new selection!

After a first series of winter looks dedicated to this color, the Living Coral is back for summer!


To celebrate summer, I first made an exclusive creation!
Based on the summer collection dress with its ruched sides, this "Hello Summer" dress with a pretty coral print is a must-have for any BBQ lover.
One-of-a-kind piece.


This second outfit includes a pretty dress from the upcycled line (originally a slightly wide men's t-shirt and a long skirt in embroidered double gauze)
The multicoloured headband adds a little retro touch to the outfit!
Items references: dress - headband ; for the headband, many other prints are available.


In this third outfit, the coral of the fish scales printed top looks great paired with the burnt orange of the draped skirt.
The flower headband brings a slightly bohemian finish!
Items references: top - skirt - headband - all these designs are available in several sizes and colours.


Here's the latest look dedicated to the Living Coral - summer edition, with a very pretty knit fabric and chiffon dress.
The fish scale printed headband and the reversible pin up necklace accentuate the retro inspiration of this outfit.
Items references: dress - necklace - headband - for the headband and the necklace, several prints are available.

What is still available can be found in the online shop (free worldwide shipping) ; some items have already been sold but can be reproduced as custom orders depending on the availability of my supplies.

Let me know if the color of the year 2019 inspires you!
See you in a few months to discover Pantone's prognosis for 2020!


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